CK-12: Free Digital Interactive Textbooks (Meet Common Core Standards)

Session 6: 10:10 AM-11:10 AM, Computer Lab 207


Looking to find ways to serve your ABE and ASE students? Tired of the traditional, outdated, heavy book? CK-12 is so much more than digital textbooks. Their FlexBooks are interactive with adaptive practice and feedback throughout the lessons. You can customize or even write your own and it is all free. Come join us for the next revolution in education. This is great for ABE teachers but even better for ASE.


Debbie Jensen


Type of Presentation

Demonstration (1 hour)



Program Standards

  • Adult Basic Education
  • Adult Secondary Education
  • Career Technical Education
  • English as a Second Language

Category Standards

  • Blended/Online Learning
  • Distance Learning
  • Program Administration and Coordination
  • Technology Integration in the Classroom