Step Up to 2020: Census, Civics, and Citizenship

Session 2: 11:30 AM-12:30 PM, Room 204


Year 2020 will present three significant civics events: the decennial Census (April), the General Election (November), and the new 100 Citizenship questions (December). Empower your students to use the appropriate technology to meet and exceed the English language and civics tasks associated with these 2020 challenges, thereby shaping their future and the future of America.


Jennifer Gagliardi

Milpitas Adult School

Type of Presentation

Demonstration (1 hour)



Program Standards

  • Adult Basic Education
  • Adult Secondary Education
  • Career Technical Education
  • English as a Second Language

Category Standards

  • Blended/Online Learning
  • Distance Learning
  • Program Administration and Coordination
  • Technology Integration in the Classroom