Tracking Distance Learning Hours Using an Integrated Toolkit

Session 4: 3:00 PM-4:10 PM, Room 109


TOPSpro Enterprise (TE) allows for agencies to accurately collect, track and analyze distance learning hours alongside your traditional classroom attendance. Many teachers require learners to do work while they are not in class but often this instructional time is not captured and agencies are not able to show the value and effectiveness of their distance and blended (or hybrid) instructional programs. This session will guide you through how to correctly set up a class instance and correctly reflect instructional hours in the classroom as well as distance learning hours. Then we’ll introduce you to reporting tools showing attendance for both distance and traditional instructional hours.


Janice Fera


Penny Pearson


Type of Presentation

Demonstration (1 hour)



Program Standards

  • Adult Basic Education
  • Adult Secondary Education
  • Career Technical Education
  • English as a Second Language

Category Standards

  • Blended/Online Learning
  • Distance Learning
  • Program Administration and Coordination
  • Technology Integration in the Classroom