Spotlighting Adult Education Thru Social Media

Session 4: 1:00–3:00 PM, Zoom Room 11


Social media can cast a spotlight on our wonderful adult education programs - bringing attention to our offerings and building a community not only with our current students, but potential students, the broader community, and other agencies we ally with in purpose. This presentation will provide an introduction to a numbers of considerations when getting started with social media and highlight promising practices on how the adult education field uses social media for a variety of purposes. During our presentation, we plan to cover a variety of topics: Why adult education programs should consider using social media; discuss the different and varied social media platforms; address handles and hashtags used on different social media platforms and other important terms; discuss the use of photos, graphics, and video and the pros and cons of tagging others; identify strategies to engage adult learners and other to interact professionally through social media and expand their participation in the life of the school; how to organize and streamline your task load with tools such as Bitly and Hootsuite; and understand why accessibility matters. During the session, we plan on a general discussion of the above-named topics, as well as providing examples from our agencies and other adult education agencies that are using social media. By the end of the session, we hope that participants will be able to begin using at least one social media site for themselves and/or their agency.


Cynthia Eagleton

San Mateo Adult School

Anthony Burik


Type of Presentation

Demonstration (2 hours)



Program Strands

  • All

Category Strands

  • Program Administration and Coordination
  • Online Engagement and Assessment