Meet Learners Where They Are in Math and English

Session 2: 8:30–10:00 AM, Zoom Room 3


Many adult education programs are seeing great benefit from employing low-stakes, confidence-building tools that encourage students to overcome prior academic difficulties and put them on pathways to college and career success. During this session, we will take a closer look at free and low-cost resources provided by The NROC Project—a nonprofit technology organization collaborating with educators to solve thorny problems—and together, discover tools to help you realize meaningful impact on the success of your adult education students. Activities during this session will include an overview of our adaptive learning tool, EdReady, with real-world examples of how this tool has been implemented to address teaching and learning needs in math and English. We will also explore HippoCampus, an open repository of digital resources that can quickly and easily be adapted to enhance your lesson plans, and boost student engagement. Attendees will have an opportunity for hands-on exploration, and peer-to-peer discussion of best practices for the use of digital learning resources.


Dani Pedrotti

The NROC Project

Jason Gipson-Nahman

The NROC Project

Type of Presentation

Demonstration (90 minute)



Program Strands

  • Adult Basic Education
  • Career Technical Education

Category Strands

  • Technology Integration
  • Digital Equity and Access
  • Online Engagement and Assessment