Becoming a Zoom Annotation Virtuoso!

Session 6: 10:30–12:00 PM, Zoom Room 3


My appreciation for Zoom annotation begins with using the full range of tool variations with Zoom's whiteboard: canvas size; white space; pen width; stamps; shapes, and more. Going beyond the whiteboard, I use these with variously designed backgrounds: prepared templates (graphic organizers) which help me to organize activities such as low-stress quizzes (students need to mark the appropriate box which is associated with an answer, two or four per screen); the results of student surveys which students then interact with (using whatever highlight / marking option they can in response to a prompt). I have maintained a library of screen-captures from my own adult ESL instructions which I will be able to make use of during presentation. I have trained users with instructional technology in numerous settings and would be comfortable leading workshop participants through creating their own templates (using Word or Powerpoint to generate a PDF with a few boxes for a quiz) and a survey tool (such as Microsoft forms) to provide a surface for group interaction. I can model presenter awareness to important details such as remembering to turn on and off the annotation feature (the importance of this is one of the interface's drawbacks), how to be patient (especially with object selection and repositioning), and how to best make use of the tool when facilitating (such as remembering to use option to identify users). We should have fun!


Vincent Nunez

Santa Ana College

Type of Presentation

Demonstration (90 minute)



Program Strands

  • All

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  • Distance Learning
  • Online Engagement and Assessment