Tips, Demos, & Learner Strategies (TDLS at TDLS)

Session 5: 8:30–10:00 AM, Zoom Room 5


Whatever your role, administration, instruction, or data manager, you can use online tools and feel organized and prepared for what is needed so you can complete your checklist each day. Learn about how to use the innovative technology tools, curate your resources for easy sharing and respond appropriately. Manage control between the chaos. Use Google and other free tools to manage resources, deliver effective communication, and support your colleagues. Learn where to find the resources you need to manage your workload and end the day with less stress.


Diana Batista

Conejo Valley Adult School

Type of Presentation

Follow-along Workshop (90 minute)



Program Strands

  • All

Category Strands

  • Program Administration and Coordination
  • Technology Integration
  • Digital Equity and Access