Technology and Distance Learning: A Discussion of State-of-the-Art Innovations, Advances, and Their Applications in Adult Learning

Session 5: 8:30–10:00 AM, Zoom Room 6


The push for technology’s integration into educational settings comes with the increased demand for teaching resources. Intentionally integrating technology into an educational environment requires both an understanding of the technology that exists presently and the limitations of that technology. In this conversation, we cover technological assets like intelligent tutoring systems, conversational agents, digital assessments, embedded learning materials, using. We will also cover using games for learning, using artificial intelligence and automated natural language processing to tailor the technology to individual needs, and using handheld devices for learning. In fields like K-12 and university education, these tools are going online. Soon, these tools will also be adapted for the field of adult education. You will have the opportunity to discuss and explore these digital opportunities with experienced designers and researchers on these systems. It is important to address both the limitations and promises of current digital technologies in order to sensibly plan for the future.


John Sabatini

University of Memphis

Art Graesser

University of Memphis

Andrew Olney

University of Memphis

Type of Presentation

Panel or Facilitated Discussion (90 minute)



Program Strands

  • Adult Basic Education

Category Strands

  • Blended Learning
  • Distance Learning
  • Technology Integration
  • Digital Equity and Access
  • Online Engagement and Assessment