Building Community and Engaging and Connecting with Students in Canvas

Session 6: 10:30–12:00 PM, Zoom Room 4


A major goal of inclusive pedagogy is to create a classroom climate that fosters a sense of belonging among students (Armstrong, 2011). But how in the online environment? If you are like me and you have wondered how it would be possible to build community, be inclusive, motivating, and encouraging in online learning, come and learn how to use some of the Canvas tools and tricks! Learning how to effectively use Canvas tools can have many benefits for teachers and learners! Canvas’ tools give teachers great variety and flexibility in how courses are structured, content is delivered, and in the way that we are able to interact with and assess learners. Use your creativity and online resources to add a personal touch to your modules! I will show you how Canvas Modules can be inclusive, fun, engaging, and community-building, while infused with equitable activities and assignments. I will also take you on a walk through a few of my modules to see how a whole week's content is delivered. The activities that I have created in Canvas can be used for ESL learners from beginning-high to advanced levels. Please join me in a discussion and demonstration on how to creatively use a few of the Canvas tools to create a Canvas course with the functions of a more complex one!


Julie Caspersen Schultz

Caspersen Schultz

Marcia Brock


Type of Presentation

Demonstration (90 minute)



Program Strands

  • English as a Second Language

Category Strands

  • Distance Learning
  • Online Engagement and Assessment