Overcoming Barriers Through Goal Setting Using Google Classroom

Session 6: 2:45-3:45 PM (Thursday March 03, 2022)



Learn how to help your students create and manage their goals, increasing persistence while overcoming barriers. Help students realize how to navigate through potholes and detours. Help your students learn about internal and external resources to develop the executive function to achieve their goals and succeed in life. Using Google Classroom Placer School for Adults will be reviewing Goal4It! A culturally responsive teaching tool that provides resources to help address cultural, linguistic, and social barriers in the classroom. This science-informed approach helps to achieve economic independence by activation, motivation, and commitment to change. Culturally Responsive Teaching can help narrow racial and income-level disparities in academic achievement resulting from social, cultural, and institutional barriers. Research has found that students learn better when teaching is filtered through their own experiences.


Lead Presenter Bio Photo

Arij Mousa


Lead Presenter Bio Photo

Beth Lanning

Placer School for Adults

Beth Lanning is a Counselor at PSA and works closely with our students' presenting class orientations and coaching students using Goal4It!.

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Michele Raymond

Placer School for Adults

Michele Raymond is a Senior School Administrative Assistant and CTE instructor with PSA. She teaches several multi-level classes and participates in class orientations. As a previous business owner Michele has presented to large audiences at conferences and small groups of 50.

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Chris Anderson

Placer School for Adults

Chris Anderson is a Site System Administrator and CTE instructor with Placer School for Adults teaching multi-level classes. He has experience presenting technology needs at the district level.

Type of Presentation

Demonstration (60 Minutes)


  • Teachers
  • Administrators
  • Support Staff

Program Strands

  • Adult Basic Education
  • Career Technical Education
  • English as a Second Language

Category Strands

  • Digital Equity and Access
  • Technology Integration
  • Online Engagement and Assessment
  • Student Support Services