Welcome & Keynote

Keynote: 1:00-2:30 PM (Wednesday March 02, 2022)



Keynote: Technology Time Machine We have always been surrounded by technology and watched as it changed the world. This keynote session will take an informative and entertaining look at what technology meant to teachers throughout the decades while discovering great technology tools we can use now. We will also take a look at where we are heading with a sneak peek at some products and features of the future.


Lead Presenter Bio Photo

Neda Anasseri


As an OTAN Coordinator I am focused on coordinating and leading a team to design/carry out professional development events for CA adult school educators by offering training opportunities via workshops, webinars, academies, planning, and more. In addition to coordinating PD she co-leads a 2 year Digital Leadership Academy where participants are trained to become digital leaders at their respective agency.

Lead Presenter Bio Photo

Leslie Fisher


Type of Presentation

Follow-along Workshop (90 minute)


  • Teachers
  • Administrators
  • Support Staff

Program Strands

  • Adult Basic Education
  • Adult Secondary Education
  • Career Technical Education
  • English as a Second Language

Category Strands

  • Blended Learning
  • Distance Learning
  • Digital Equity and Access
  • Technology Integration
  • Online Engagement and Assessment
  • Corrections, Re-Entry, and Rehabilitation
  • Program Administration and Coordination
  • Student Support Services