Digital Whiteboard Options to Replace Google Jamboard

Session 4: 4:00pm-5:00pm (Friday March 01, 2024)



The presentation will cover discussion and demonstration of multiple digital whiteboards for the purpose of comparing their capabilities and sharing lesson ideas for engaging and enhancing the learning experience. Participants who bring their personal laptop or tablet will be able to post on sample whiteboards that model brainstorming, reviewing, planning, and more. Use of common features such as pen tools, sticky notes, textboxes, and images will be shared as well as more advanced features like creating sections, zooming in/out, adding audio, commenting, etc. There will be a greater focus on FigJam, its features, and how to transfer Jamboards. Some keyboard shortcuts will also be included as time saver options. Lastly, a comparative chart will be reviewed as a tool for participants to determine which digital whiteboard might best fit their particular educational needs.


Lead Presenter Bio Photo

Cindy Wislofsky


Cindy Wislofsky is one of the current Subject Matter Experts for OTAN who enjoys training teachers to integrate technology tools into their lessons. Previously, she was an adult level ESL instructor for over 35 years with the San Diego Community College District. At the same time, she served as an ESL department chair for 15 years and her department’s technology coordinator for 12 years. She has been a frequent presenter at local and state conferences.

Type of Presentation

Demonstration (60 Minutes)


  • Teachers
  • Administrators
  • Support Staff or Other Staff (Transition Specialists, Counselors, Librarians, etc.)

Program Strands

  • Adult Basic Education
  • Adult Secondary Education
  • Adults with Disabilities
  • English as a Second Language
  • Pre-Apprenticeship and Apprenticeship
  • Short-term Career Technical Education
  • Workforce Preparation

Category Strands

  • Online Engagement and Assessment