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Presented by OTAN, the Outreach and Technical Assistance Network

March 7 and 8, 2025 - Long Beach School for Adults

The Technology and Distance Learning Symposium, hosted by OTAN, is an annual conference featuring engaging, interactive presentations and vibrant discussions. This event is designed to demonstrate effective ways of incorporating technology to enrich the learning experience, expand educational reach through a combination of in-person and online learning, and improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness of adult education programs.

TDLS caters to a diverse audience including educators, coordinators, administrators, and support personnel within California adult education agencies. Additionally, it is relevant for adult education professionals working within school districts, community colleges, community or faith-based organizations, volunteer literacy programs, nonprofit agencies (both public and private), public libraries, state institutions, and correctional facilities.

People love TDLS! Over 95% of attendees rated TDLS highly!

Over 370 attendees!

84 presentations to choose from!

100% positive attendee rating for the TDLS Tech Slam!

TDLS is a hybrid event! >52% attended virtually last year!