(Cancelled) ELL Writing - Read Out Loud to AI, Receive Feedback, Revise

Session 4: 4:00pm-5:00pm (Friday March 01, 2024)



ELLs can read their writing assignments out loud to AI chatbots, practicing pronunciation and fluency, then revise their writing to include AI-suggested vocabulary, collocations, and linking phrases. Bring a laptop to follow along from the perspective of a hybrid-ESL student. We’ll use eslvideo.com's commercial "chattybots" in this workshop, though other listening/speaking chatbots are available. The presenter will share how these tasks were set up in Canvas along with student work and feedback. Workshop Outline: Task 1: Write a Short Essay Participants type a short essay on a given topic. Task 2: Read to the AI Bot Participants read their essay out loud to an AI bot capable of processing speech. Task 3: Note AI Feedback The AI suggests vocabulary, collocations, and linking phrases to enhance the essay. Task 4: Revise Participants revise their original essay, incorporating the suggested vocabulary, collocations, and linking phrases. Review student feedback. Workshop discussion


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Ryan Detwiler

MiraCosta College & Palomar College

Ryan Detwiler teaches noncredit ESL at MiraCosta and Palomar Colleges, CA, and runs eslvideo.com. He has a BA in English from UCSB, a TESOL certificate from UCSB Extension, and an MFA in MPT from AAU. He produced and licensed Short Takes Interactive to Pearson in 2007, then worked in biotech marketing until returning to teach in 2018. Ryan coordinated CATESOL's OT-IG from 2019-20 and co-coordinated CATESOL’s MW-IG from 2021-23. Interest: Exploring AI chatbot use in ESL teaching and learning.

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Follow-along Workshop (60 Minutes)


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  • English as a Second Language

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  • Online Engagement and Assessment