Beg. ESL Zoom Breakout Room: Tips and Activities

Session 3: 2:15pm-3:45pm (Friday March 01, 2024)



Establishing a dynamic and engaging online learning environment is challenging, especially for beginning ESL instructors. Using breakout rooms is a great way to increase student interaction and provide opportunities for assessment. We are two experienced online ESL instructors at San Diego College of Continuing Education. In this session, participants will learn a comprehensive plan that outlines a systematic approach for managing successful breakout room activities. This plan is tailored to address the needs of teachers of beginning ESL, offering clear, step-by-step practical solutions for facilitating Zoom breakout rooms. Participants will also learn a range of breakout room activities suitable for both novice and experienced Zoom educators. Through this follow-along session, attendees will acquire practical strategies and participate in an interactive breakout room activity. Participants will walk away with ready-to-use activities for their next Zoom class.


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Jia Sun

San Diego College of Continuing Education

Jia Sun is a full-time ESL faculty at San Diego College of Continuing Education. She has a master's degree in TESOL, Culture, and Literacy and currently teaches a fully online beginning literacy class. Jia serves as the ESL HyFlex/Digital Literacy Coordinator and the co-chair of the ESL Textbook Committee. She has presented at various conferences, including SDCCE professional development workshops, CATESOL State Conferences, CAEP Summit, and Otan TDLS.

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Ruth Wilson

San Diego College of Continuing Education

Ruth Wilson is an online ESL Instructor and serves as Citizenship Coordinator for San Diego College of Continuing Education. She holds a Master’s Degree in TESOL and currently teaches a Beginning online Conversation class, in addition to an online ESL & Citizenship class. She has presented at CATESOL and CELT, SDCCD, and offers professional development opportunities for fellow instructors.

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Follow-along Workshop (90 minute)


  • Teachers

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  • English as a Second Language

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  • Ensuring Equity and Access
  • Digital Learning Foundations
  • Designing Learning Experiences
  • Digital Learning Models
  • Online Engagement and Assessment