Call for Proposals

To our Adult Education Colleagues...

OTAN invites you to submit a proposal for a presentation at the upcoming Technology and Distance Learning Symposium to be held virtually, March 3-5, 2021. Share and discuss your promising practices, strategies, lesson plans, and other resources related to technology integration and distance/blended learning in your programs. Presenter information and training will be provided at a later time. Be sure to provide an email address you check frequently for presenter and OTAN communications.

Proposal submission deadline:January 15th, 2021.


Please consider one of the following presentation formats when submitting your proposal:

  • Demonstration – Demonstrate and explain a tech tool, technique, or strategy, while allowing time for participant questions and interaction.
  • Follow-along workshop – Present a tech tool, technique, or strategy, while participants follow along on their devices and mirror what the presenter is doing.
  • Panel or Facilitated discussion – A facilitated discussion is meant to be an open forum, allowing participants to discuss a specific topic of interest to the field. A facilitated discussion proposal needs to include a key topic and a set of facilitated questions that the presenter(s) will use to guide participant conversation.

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Blended Learning Session centers on blended instruction using multiple methods of instruction, Face-to-Face, learners using online materials, curriculum, and resources including integration of technology to help learners meet learning goals.
Distance Learning Session centers on distance instruction as the primary means of instructing learners using real-time (synchronous) instruction, asynchronous tools such as learning management systems, online learning programs, or simple paper-packets distributed to learners.
Program Administration and Coordination Session centers on strategies for program improvement, development, or change management. Can also include management strategies in all areas, personnel, partnerships, and negotiations.
Technology Integration Session centers on techniques and strategies or methods of integrating technology in the learning environment. This can include software programs, online resources, hardware implementations, and more.
Digital Equity and Access Session centers around the issues of social-economic disparities regarding access to digital tools, the Internet and more. These sessions can offer panel discussions, strategies, research, program development, and planning.
Corrections, Re-Entry, and Rehabilitation Session centers around technology integration and implementation in an environment of incarcerated adults or those placed on parole, in residential re-entry centers, and within rehabilitation facilities. Prison, jail, and rehabilitation programs are particularly challenged to offer critical digital skills. Sessions providing strategies and methods would be beneficial to the field.
Online Engagement and Assessment Session centers around specific techniques and strategies centered around engaging learners in online environments. These strategies may/or may not include methods to deploy assessments in the online environment.
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Adult Secondary Education
Career Technical Education
English as a Second Language
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The Technology and Distance Learning Symposium is a public virtual event for 2021. As such, each presenter and co-presenter will be required to register for the event and sign a media release form giving permission for OTAN to post photos, multimedia, audio or video for marketing purposes for the conference. Additionally, these materials may be used to promote and market professional development and different OTAN events to a larger audience. Once your proposal is accepted, the lead presenter and all co-presenters will be sent a reminder email to complete both registration and the media release form.