TDLS 2021 - Glossary


  • TDLS: Technology and Distance Learning Symposium


  • TEA: Teachers
  • ADM: Administrators
  • STF: Support Staff
  • ALL: All

Program Strands

  • ABE: Adult Basic Education
  • ASE: Adult Secondary Education
  • CTE: Career Technical Education
  • ESL: English as a Second Language
  • ALL: All

Category Strands

  • BL: Blended Learning
    Session centers on blended instruction using multiple methods of instruction, Face-to-Face, learners using online materials, curriculum, and resources including integration of technology to help learners meet learning goals.
  • DL: Distance Learning
    Session centers on distance instruction as the primary means of instructing learners using real-time (synchronous) instruction, asynchronous tools such as learning management systems, online learning programs, or simple paper-packets distributed to learners.
  • PAC: Program Administration and Coordination
    Session centers on strategies for program improvement, development, or change management. Can also include management strategies in all areas, personnel, partnerships, and negotiations.
  • TI: Technology Integration
    Session centers on techniques and strategies or methods of integrating technology in the learning environment. This can include software programs, online resources, hardware implementations, and more.
  • DEA: Digital Equity and Access
    Session centers around the issues of social-economic disparities regarding access to digital tools, the Internet and more. These sessions can offer panel discussions, strategies, research, program development, and planning.
  • CRR: Corrections, Re-Entry, and Rehabilitation
    Session centers around technology integration and implementation in an environment of incarcerated adults or those placed on parole, in residential re-entry centers, and within rehabilitation facilities. Prison, jail, and rehabilitation programs are particularly challenged to offer critical digital skills. Sessions providing strategies and methods would be beneficial to the field.
  • OEA: Online Engagement and Assessment
    Session centers around specific techniques and strategies centered around engaging learners in online environments. These strategies may/or may not include methods to deploy assessments in the online environment.